Cloudspotting Music and Arts Festival is a long summer weekend retreat for a few hundred people organised by a bunch of friends and festival enthusiasts.

We are family friendly – but by no means family exclusive – our kids bring a magical spirit to the festival, encouraging an inclusive atmosphere that all our audience members get a buzz from.

Moving to our remote forested location in 2013 enabled the festival to stretch its limbs a little. It encouraged us to develop creative partnerships with other like-minded organisations, helping us deliver a much wider programme of Arts in addition to the eclectic live music schedule that the event has prided itself on.

At Cloudspotting you choose which end of the candle you’d like to burn down. The high proportion of returning attendees has made for an intimate and extremely friendly festival. We hope you enjoy our site and find enough information to make the choice to join us an easy one.


Stephen Park
Gisburn Forest