I enjoy calligraphy because it functions at so many levels.  There are the historical book hands that span two millennia, and which have their own intrinsic beauty.  By combining the basic hands with colour and more abstract layouts calligraphy can take on a more expressive form.

I have an ongoing project to compile a portfolio of calligraphy based on Shakespeare’s Seven Ages of Man. This will comprise fifty individual pieces of calligraphy in a variety of styles and formats using text from popular items of poetry and prose.

I have converted a number of my pieces into cards and prints that have become a popular form of access to my work. I also undertake commissions and have recently completed a set of Remembrance Books of war casualties for a local parish.

One of my favourite definitions of calligraphy is “music to the eyes”.  It is my hope that calligraphy will not just continue to be appreciated in its traditional form, but will find a wider role in the visual arts.

I have a special regard for the Platform Gallery in Clitheroe, which besides being an invaluable venue for makers, has given me encouragement and support in promoting calligraphy over the past 25 years.

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