2021 has started apace with a number of new artists joining Longitude gallery. As the events of last year turned everything on its head, they have increased their online presence making it easier for viewers to browse and shop their favourite artists’ work.

Their newly designed website https://www.longitude.gallery/ combines the work of gallery favourites with new artists such as photographer Simon Bray. Simon previously exhibited at the gallery in 2017, in collaboration with artist Thomas Musgrove. ‘The Edges of These Isles’ explored the British landscape by depicting seven locations through their respective mediums. Simon was also recently featured on The One Show for his ‘Loved&Lost’ project, re-creating old photographs without the person’s lost loved one. 

Phil Entwistle has also joined the gallery. Phil’s art is rooted in his love for the earth, which is reflected in his recent work which investigates the relationships between the natural and the man-made landscape, particularly in the more rugged parts of northern England.

Longitude is now featured on Easel, https://easelart.co.uk/ the new art buying platform, from the creators of the Manchester Art Fair. Easel brings together art from hundreds of British and International artists in one place. After Manchester Art Fair was postponed in October due to the pandemic, the creators found many of their usual visitors missed their art fix for the year and Easel was born.

Longitude’s mission this year is to bring the work of all our exceptional artists to as many people as possible. You can shop their work on our website, Facebook page and instagram.