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Dermod Ruddock

Dermod Ruddock’s paintings and cards are inspired by colour and light, and our fabulous landscapes. His work has evolved over many years, and is influenced by all kinds of things; not least artists such as Kandinsky, de Vlaminck, Derain, Matisse, Cezanne and the Scottish colourists, and his experiences as a graphic designer and teacher.

Lighting is a vital ingredient too… it could be the drama of a Scottish storm, or the vibrancy of siesta time on a Greek island, or the deep shadows cast as evening falls over the Lancashire fells.

And, of course, there’s colour and draftsmanship. He learned the value of colour theory at school in Edinburgh, and now every picture is a chance to experiment and evolve ideas. Dermod usually paints in oil, acrylic or watercolour, using bold ‘expressionist realism’, rooted in powerful drawing, and loving every opportunity to use strong, effective colours. He draws as much as possible, often outdoors, capturing fleeting moments for future reference…

Every picture is a chance to capture a moment in time…transferred from life onto your wall in the form of a beautiful colourful picture…

Dermod Ruddock

Dermod Ruddock






















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