The first public sculpture of Vincent Van Gogh 1853-1890 in England has been created by Ribchester based artist Anthony Padgett. The work is part of a year long project “A Year With Vincent” by award winning artist Anthony Padgett whose bust of First World War poet Wilfred Owen recently featured on the BBC News at Ten. Padgett has an MA in Contemporary Art from Wimbledon School of Art and has sculptures in major galleries, museums, libraries and in Ripon Cathedral. It is his second public sculpture in London, the first being of 1920s poet Humbert Wolfe at Eccleston Square Gardens, near Victoria Station.

There are 7 of the Van Gogh sculptures to be permanently sited in England, France, Holland and Belgium. It is part of artist Anthony Padgett’s “A Year With Vincent” where he has created 67 oil paintings as well as a number of contemporary artworks. Details can be seen on

Padgett’s latest project is