‘The beauty of the natural world never fails to inspire me and I feel most alive when exploring outdoors.  I particularly love birds and I find myself constantly distracted by them, be it by sight or song. I have fond memories of watching and listening to wading birds whilst staying with my Grandparents who lived near the sea.

I like to work from quick sketches, using paint and collage to build layers and add texture and detail, whether it be for a painting or ideas for pots. I fell in love with clay as the tactile nature of the material and it’s infinite possibilities keep my mind whirring with new ideas.

I enjoy walking and find myself collecting all manner of objects that I find interesting or beautiful, such as feathers, eggshells, rocks, seaglass and seedheads. Their natural patterns, colours and texture provide endless inspiration for my collections of functional and decorative stoneware vessels which record walks through different landscapes. My pieces are thrown or hand built using a combination of clay bodies and glazes that I have devised and are fired in electric and gas reduction kilns.’