“I am a multi–disciplinary Fine Artist interested in site-specific installation and drawing process using a variety of medium, applications and materials locally sourced. I produce work in response to space and place, to the architecture and environment, to the objects and materials, archaeological references and archives, and to the local histories and narratives. I am interested in the textures of materials, the soft and hardness of the surfaces, their weathering and aging, colour changes, the sounds they create, and the way the materials react with one another create an atmosphere which can affect the audience’s senses. I explore other people’s narratives in relation to the land and architecture and how these have changed over generations, their traces of activity and historical and social narratives. I like to evoke memories and create archives and look at how artists create/interfere /expand the understanding of archival practice and material. I am interested in the role the senses play in how we perceive and experience space through touch, smell as well as sight. I like to make installations with different materials, in response to a site.” Stella Whalley